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From Twitter 04-18-2010


Previous Entry From Twitter 04-18-2010 Apr. 19th, 2010 @ 03:01 am Next Entry

  • 18:55:31: I don't mind the credit song in BOFIV is in Japanese, but not translating the credits themselves is just lazy!
  • 18:56:07: Also, Breath of Fire IV was meh.... I didn't care for the character or the story and it had too many minigames... :|
  • 20:16:35: Kitchen Kaos 163: Where now? http://bit.ly/dCBQ7t
  • 20:47:59: @gwarek How did you manage to make it out of Madrid? I thought your flight was cancelled?
  • 21:13:01: I'm sorry Firefox, but I'm dumping you for Google Chrome.... :(
  • 21:25:08: @EverTomorrow It was just too much, it was acting like I was running it on a 386x... I'll miss the RSS options though...

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