Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 04-11-2010

  • 19:07:23: @Iron_Spike Breasts my Lord? XP
  • 20:32:58: The timeline in Fable 2 makes no sense.... The dog should be at least 25... making him a ridiculous old dog! XP
  • 20:58:06: @THEWesMolebash I AM loving it, but I just can't over on the dog thing... XP
  • 21:52:49: Is liking cowboys an American thing? It's one of the few "things" I don't really give a damn about.... :|
  • 21:55:21: I do that "AIAIAAAA....WAWAWA" theme that plays in western duels though.... XP
  • 22:41:31: @choadmalma People still use fanflow? Every fanflow I followed stopped updating and still kept charging me... :(
  • 22:56:08: @choadmalma It has a "wallet" system, you can deposit money and it only draws from that deposit until it runs out, unless it has changed?
  • 22:57:11: @choadmalma But they did change me for months where the fanflow was inactive....
  • 22:59:23: @HeliosBlowtorch The US still has plenty of cowboy toons, comics, games and shows even now from what I know.
  • 23:08:21: @choadmalma I guess so? I can't login now for some reason...
  • 23:12:37: Kitchen Kaos 162: Clueless about clues http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2891

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