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UK Thing 2010 post!

The inn I stayed in wasn't half as good as the one I stayed in last year, but it was... adequate? It was rather small and the cold didn't let me sleep well... and they didn't have extra blankets... :|

They did have this hilarious sign in the elevator though!

The first place I visited was the only place that allowed photos, it was the Pollock Toy Musuem, the place I always left for last and for some reason or another I could never visit it until now!

It was filed with....



There were lots of other interesting toys there, like GI JOES grandpa's!

You can see the rest of the photos at my Flickr account!

Practically right next to the museum I found...

CUPCAKES! I was lucky to find a place like this! This is the only time of the year I actually get to eat them! <3

I then went to the Cartoon Museum which didn't allow photos... But I did see jabberworks art there! 8D

I then went to Chinatown...

It was VERY small....And it didn't look that "picturesque" inside, but in there I found....

Bubble Tea! I also had... Peanut butter and ...kuja(?) butter toast? The tea was weird but nice and the toast was delicious! <3

I spent most of the afternoon shopping, there was a "near" the Victoria Station, but it took a while to realize it was INSIDE the station, the station was SOOOO HUGE it took me ages to find the entrance I took to get in, by the time I got back, I realized I didn't have enough time to visit anything... but I realized the Tate museum was right next to my inn!

I don't "hate" modern art, but I despise pretentious modern art, it's more about "the art of convincing this severed badger head is really something deep and worth a million dollars" than real artistic talent....

I couldn't take photos, but there was a bunch of pyramids in a room... they were SOUVENIR pyramids! I could see the "made in" stickers! And in that same room there was this.... THING! I could only describe it as a mutated offspring between a couch pillow and a pyramid... ARGH! I know REAL artists that have trouble paying their bills and this guy is probably stinking rich!

Fortunately it did have normal art too, the landscapes were nice, but I'm pretty sure you weren't allowed to take photos, since nobody else was taking them...

The next day was....

This was the coolest thing there!

The whole passport thing was strange, since I didn't have a table I had to look at people walking around and offer one of my stickers...

I also gave out a few of my perler presents! :3

Klikker From Tozo! Hubb from Ebon Spire for Claude of Gronk Comics! Jonas from Little Terrors!

Ngumbe of Life Ain’t No Pony Farm!

I also made an Antimony for the author of Gunnerkrigg, but... he didn't want his photo taken... And for some strange reason, he remembered who I was! 8O

There wasn't that many people this year, but with Hi-Ex happening at the same time and a bit of a recession, there weren't that many familiar faces at the table... :|

But in the end it did pick up and it was a fun experience, and so was the "Thing after the Thing" in the pub... Although there was a drunk guy we spent most of time either hugging people or wanting to start a fight....


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