Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 04-03-2010

  • 09:18:20: Hmm, it looks like Firefox latest update solved all the issues I had? I guess I won't migrate to Chrome after all...
  • 10:40:18: It kinda bothers me that you can, and almost HAVE TO, have several "girlfriends" in Persona 4... XP
  • 11:40:19: @djmayhem It looks like I will stay with it... for now.... XP
  • 13:56:22: @JonScrivens FINISH HIM!
  • 18:57:52: Oh man, I'm loving Persona 4 SOOOO MUCH! <3
  • 21:45:29: Wow, I'm seeing a lot of people with iPads today! So much for the starving artist stereotype! XD
  • 21:55:32: @toblix You're probably right! XD
  • 22:19:05: @EverTomorrow Hasn't the double down existed for a while in America?
  • 22:27:27: @EverTomorrow Really? I thought it was nationwide! O:
  • 22:48:36: @EverTomorrow Is it bad that I kinda want to try it.... Just once? :|
  • 22:57:54: @EverTomorrow While I was in the UK I ate a lot of KFC, although it was mostly because it's pretty hard to find here.... :|
  • 23:11:08: @EverTomorrow .... Wow! Those names for the Mexican chains are ridiculously hilarious! XD
  • 23:22:33: Uk Thing 2010 #1 http://bit.ly/9THA3c
  • 23:23:02: ..... Firefox is failing me again... I think I WILL dump it after all... :|
  • 23:24:01: @EverTomorrow Do Mexicans even use Olé? I've only heard Andalusians use it regularly....

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