Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 04-01-2010

  • 09:21:35: As an April Fool's joke Deviant art has changed everybodies avatar to Lady Gaga or Twilight! XP
  • 10:46:39: @starlinex I got a Seeker one too, I don't know what Seeker is though... :|
  • 10:56:44: CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES! http://bit.ly/c4NFAY
  • 12:11:01: Can I beat Persona 4 in my Easter Holiday? Let's find out! XP
  • 13:14:13: So.... when does Persona 4 actually start? :|
  • 13:15:09: @ravensdojo Dang, I guess all those comics that said they were quiting were serious! The future of comics IS here! XD
  • 13:21:20: @Yamino Mine's of Seeker, I don't even know what that is! XP
  • 14:01:11: Everyday is great at your Junes.... I'm still waiting for the game to start! XP
  • 14:28:08: @toblix No, why? How long did it take? :|
  • 14:46:45: Seriously... when DOES THE FUGDING GAME START!?!111 D:<
  • 15:09:18: I think the game finally started! It's about time! XP
  • 17:04:18: @Yamino I want one! <3
  • 19:16:22: I'm having way too much fun fusing Personas.... XP
  • 21:19:23: @kawaiinot Troll 2? Eeep! D:
  • 22:03:16: Behind The Scenes http://bit.ly/cmnsRH
  • 22:18:01: Firefox is getting worse and worse.... I think I'll migrate to Chrome? :|

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