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Webcomic Aholics Anonymous

I'm a brute...
As soon as I heard that Todd and Penguin had become a part of Keenspot, I started reading it's archives, and read the whole thing in about half a day!
It appears I'd adding new comics to my list each week!

I have three Comic Alert accounts! THREE! That means I read at least 30 webcomics... Plus all the Keenspot ones...

I'm a Keenspot Premium Member, a Defender of the Nifty, a Kell's Angel, and a member of Club Clango and Sebo's Kitty Club!

Just wait till Web Comic Awareness arrives in two months, becase that day I'll "spam" every forum I know of with every damn webcomic I read...

If you ever plug me a comic, half my brain will say "Yay!" the other half will scream in terror since I read the whole archives in one go...

Actually I'm at the point where it's hard to plug me a comic, since I probably already heard of it...
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