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Mini reviews of the games and comics I read while in London

Flickr isn't working for me for some reason, so I can't make the post about the con yet, but I can talk about the comics and games I bought, played and read while I was there!

Sonic: The Dark Brotherhood was... weird... you could tell it wasn't made by the original team immediately and probably not by Sonic fans although it was made FOR Sonic fans since you have a ton of the old characters in this game, but....

Amy claimed she had a boyfriend for some reason, even though it's obvious she still loves Sonic, either I missed the part where Amy tells it was all just a ploy to get Sonic jealous or... they forgot to finish that plot line, but I think it was the last..

Big the Cat is.... WAY too dumb in this game, Gamma is too much like bender, and pretty soon in the game you end up in space and it feels like Mass Effect for kids, specially since you hear kids cheer each time you win a battle...

The battle system is all touch control so it's very annoying, this would be my least favorite Sonic game if not for Sonic Labyrinth....

As for comics I only read what I bought the day before The Thing:

Mouseguard Winter 1656: It's strange, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have liked the story as much if it had been the same with humans... but for some reason, it's better with mice. Probably the wonderful artwork help a little!

Deadpool: Secret Invasion: This is my first super hero comic I've bought in ages, I don't count the X-Men manga that Dave and Raina wrote since it's more drama than action. Deadpool sounded like such a cool character and.... He didn't disappoint! I love this guy!

He's insane and insanely awesome! He's poking fun at the thing that bother me about comics! He's like the American Bobobo! I will definitely buy more of his adventures!

Empowered: ..... She's spends half of the comic half naked and the other half naked and screwing his boyfriend... It seems that it's slowly getting an actual plot.... should I bother getting the next volume? :|

Dungeon: Duck Heart & The Barbarian Princess: I wish I had discovered this sooner, I love to see a fantasy story from the "Dungeon Master's" side! I'm  assuming the next volumes will talk about other creatures that live in the dungeon, which seems like a good idea to me! Although I'll miss the duck and dragon....

SMILE: I got the final copy in the store! It's warm fuzziness melted my heart and kept me warm in the cold hotel room, it's impossible to read it without having a constant smile on your face! <3

Wet Moon 1: I can't really say why, but I definitely want to learn more about the characters, the drama level was just right, it didn't feel too cheap or too light, although I kind like light drama.... XP

Fat Chunk: Robots & Zombies: They are both anthologies and as anthologies they have some good stories and some bad ones, but in this case, more good that bad!

I had two Resident Evil novels to read... they sucked, specially since they were in Spanish and they were badly translated, they translated expressions literally instead of finding the Spanish equivalent and it had footnotes for the stupidest things.... Do we really need to be told that the "Big Apple" is New York's nickname? Seriously?

I also got Bowser's Inside Story, but I beat that AFTER I returned from London, so it doesn't count!
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