Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-23-2010

  • 11:24:34: @dcorsetto Happy B-day! (>^_^)><(^_^<) <3 *E-hugs*
  • 12:04:40: @Topherocious But will it have decent controls?
  • 14:26:58: Cacti massacre! D: http://tweetphoto.com/15496110
  • 15:04:29: Zenonia is becoming more and more of a grindfest... I'm sorry, but grinding shows a great disrespect to the gamer... |:
  • 16:26:58: I wonder if it Zenonia is another of those games where "Warrior is easy mode, mage is hard mode", RPGs that do it should mention it!
  • 16:52:46: If a class is harder to play as you should VERY CLEARLY STATE IT! I don't want to find out when I'm 40 hours in! |:<
  • 17:13:22: Huh? Isn't a feministy floozy an oxymoron? This character claims to be a feminist but drops her panties for any cute guy.... :|
  • 18:02:55: How to they expect us to buy the new DS when they announce a new one 5 seconds later? >:|
  • 18:58:08: @EverTomorrow I don't why I care that much, I barely play with my DS anymore... XP
  • 19:00:22: @EverTomorrow I'd say I love my iPhone, but 99% of it's games are horrid.... I might just get a Pandora and forget about it! XD
  • 21:14:51: @thejuzzard Puntastic! XD
  • 21:27:36: @EverTomorrow Oh yeah, I forgot it's kinda obscure... oopsie! XP
  • 21:44:07: @thejuzzard Well PLAID!
  • 22:18:02: Are there any cinemas near the Victoria area in London? I can't find any.... :|
  • 22:28:21: Hmm, it looks like "How To Train Your Dragon" is out the same day as the Uk Thing! Sweet! But do I stand a chance to see it the first day?
  • 22:37:41: @thejuzzard You kilt me that one!
  • 22:40:23: @Shortpacked Does this have to do with this new "evil teddy" game I've heard about?
  • 22:50:23: @Shortpacked Oh wait, it's from a series called "Bad Taste Bears".... XP
  • 23:02:41: Pun Dungeon: Lola's Origin #22 http://bit.ly/cJpFr4

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