Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-22-2010

  • 00:22:05: @Yamino Woah! Congratulations! <3
  • 06:55:26: So, does the US have socialized healthcare now? Does this mean doctors will be unfireable and unreliable drunkards?
  • 07:02:40: Socialized Healthcare is great for normal stuff, like prescriptions, but tests and operations can take millenia...
  • 07:47:50: British Airways is on Strike? It better end before my flight! D:
  • 12:04:46: Iberia is down.... I guess everybody is checking out if their flight is canceled....
  • 12:35:26: It looks like I'm lucky and the flight I'm taking is from the company on strike! YAY!
  • 13:05:19: One of these days... I'm going to accidentally brew this comic and cry... :| http://tweetphoto.com/15388389
  • 13:08:12: This comic is so.... fuzzy and huggable! <3 http://tweetphoto.com/15388521
  • 13:09:32: @MykalWane Oops, I meant it's NOT on strike...
  • 13:10:20: Remember when I said the flight I was taking was on strike? I meant the opposite... I do that sometimes.... *shrugs*
  • 20:00:16: @Yamino Ooh! I just found a place that serves Bubble Tea in London China Town, I'm so going to have one while I'm there for the UK Thing! X3
  • 20:25:43: @Yamino There is always next year! <3
  • 21:50:34: @cleanskies Hey! I just re-read your Tiny Tea Comic today! It's still one of my favorite and most orignal looking comics I have! <3
  • 22:27:39: @cleanskies He he, I love reading my favorite minicomics to get ready for the UK Thing! <3
  • 22:48:50: The latest "Cheesefake" ads made me facepalm SO HARD! WHY DO YOU DO THIS!? DX<
  • 23:13:37: Pun Dungeon: Lola’s Origin #21 http://bit.ly/9xOm23
  • 23:21:42: @dcorsetto EAT! |:<
  • 23:23:31: @blackunicorn Maybe you have a muse that's into S&M? XD

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