Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Countdown to the UK Thing!

I leave to London in a week... YAY! 

This is the moment I search for eateries and make plans on what to do while I'm there.... So feel free to suggest treats, candies or pastries I should try! I only know of Quavers and Hot Cross Buns.... XP

I only have a few more place I can think of to go to.... The Pollock Toy Musuem and Chinatown, but then again I only have one day to visit and I want to do some shopping too! XP

I also just got the stickers for the UK Thing event DINO-SAW-US!


And.... My doctor? He sucks... he sucks BIIIIG TIME! My appointment was at 15:30, he arrives at 16:05... DRUNK! According to him nothing is wrong with me even though I still have all the symptoms AND he gave me the wrong pills! The worst part is that it's a stomach issue... I don't want to be in the UK with my stomach like this, but there is nothing I can do.... I just feel full (indigestion?) no matter how little I eat! I'm even loosing weight because I'm eating so little!  AND I STILL FEEL FULL! DX

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