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From EWW to ARGH to YAY! What a day!

Today is the day I hate most of the year, in my "job", that is...

The piglets to the store arrived and I was the one who had to but them in vacuum sealed bags so they'd be fresh for Xmas....

The sight of all those piglets always bums me out and putting them in vacuum sealed bags is not pretty...

For starters they ooze a little and I always get a little of that ooze, which is mostly blood...

When they are in the vacuum machine the air presure does weird things, they ooze out blood, they blow snot bubbles and sometimes....

I'm sure it's the plastic bag making this noise, but it does kinda sound like... a squeal.... *shudder*

When I was done I felt sticky, smelled of dead piglets and felt just horrible... and then...

After all that ordeal when I got home I encountered....

RIBS! A part of my brains was saying "OH NO! Not more pork!", but to Hell with it! I just love BBQ ribs!

And to top it all guess who was interviewed at the BLC Podcast that I heard while eating? Our own Paul Taylor! WOOHOO! YES!

And after that I showered and felt like new! And I didn't smell like a carcass!

Now I'm all happy happy joy joy again!

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