Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Polically Correctness

HA HA! I forgot to hit "POST" and I didn't even notice! OOOPSIE! XP

If there is one thing I think I might offend people with, is my view of being P.C.

I see P.C. people as bloody cartoon villains! They hate Santa, Halloween and even Looney Toons! HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO NOT HATE THEM! DX<

P.C. people are nice not because it’s a good thing, but because they don’t want to be sued or offend anyone….

Well I’m offended by people who get offended too easily, which ironically is what P.C. do…

Be nice because it’s NICE, not because you’re afraid of what will happen to you if you’re not nice! ):<


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