Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-13-2010

  • 11:26:13: @jlist I'm actually glad it failed, because nobody wanted it or asked for it, it was just trying to get the iPhone audience....
  • 12:01:19: Ikki Tousen is Romance of the Three Kingdoms with cheesecake? I DON'T want to see Xao Xao or Lu Bu do a panty shot! NOT WANT! NO, NEIN! DX
  • 12:18:09: I'm about to do this week's perler creation and since I don't think the author knows who I am, it will be safe to show it off when it's done
  • 12:35:16: Mental note: DON'T have coffee before making perler art.... My hands are shaky! T_T
  • 12:46:05: @reneengstrom Yep! I want to make one for every comic I like, but I won't have time! I hope you liked the one I made for you! last year! <3
  • 13:10:45: Oooh, the dark grey perler beads are soo smooth, I wonder why only these have a different texture?
  • 13:11:43: Perler creation complete! Now I just have to wait for it to cool off! It's the second robot I've done in a row! XD
  • 15:43:12: @thezombiecow I'm sorry, but the "VHS: Virtual Holo System" doesn't get invented until 2027... |:
  • 15:47:27: So... Japan just had a weak quake... that's almost a quake a week for month straigth, right? What are the mole men up to now? D:<
  • 18:15:02: I just played an adventure game that took place in Norrköping, Sweden, the town was pretty, the game.. derivative, but OK?
  • 18:22:03: @CrowChick I usually bring that up, but only with stuff like fad diets? Because you know they'll make up a new one eventually?
  • 18:22:43: Perler Hubb from Ebon Spire! http://bit.ly/bx5Yxf
  • 18:36:27: I just found out that the artist who did Kung Fool started another webcomic! .... And dumped it four pages later? KHAAAAAAAN! T_T
  • 19:05:52: @poisonrational Good luck! <3
  • 19:46:16: Dang..... The perler fanart I did is from a collab, and it's doesn't belong to the artist... Good thing I discovered it BEFORE I gave it! D:
  • 19:56:47: Politically Correctness http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2749
  • 20:08:18: Should I make another one to make up for this mistake? I don't really know what to do! D:

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