Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-08-2010

  • 07:06:10: I gave binural / isochronic beats a go and.... They seem to make me MORE nervous for some reason.... :|
  • 11:57:34: @reneengstrom Meg Ryan? Are Final Fantasy games not romantic comedies or what?
  • 15:15:41: @passive_mission I didn't watch it either! XP
  • 15:16:01: @toblix I have!
  • 15:16:57: @reneengstrom If anything, they hire somebody from one of those boy bands that has crazy hair and looks like a girl?
  • 16:21:20: @toblix I looked at it as they mention it in the book, like whenever they mention a photo, card or piece of paper in it.
  • 16:22:07: @toblix I couldn't call the phone numbers, but those and the sites are real too!
  • 16:39:13: @toblix Oh! There is a short podcast novel that takes place right before the book! I enjoyed even more than the book! http://bit.ly/13Em78
  • 20:23:37: Apparently you can get sick from being drenched to the bone! Who knew? Status: Icky! XP
  • 20:38:47: Apparently I don't own the Deus Ex games, should I? They are on sale at Steam! :3
  • 20:42:49: WHOA! Robocalypse - Mobile Mayhem for the i-Phone is free for a limited time! Get it's while you still can!
  • 20:47:18: The only webcomic more squeeful than Cute Overload! Nemu-Nemu: http://www.nemu-nemu.com/
  • 21:37:09: A Sailor Moon episode dubbed by only ONE person pretty awesomely (O.K., the villians are somebody else, but still...) http://bit.ly/axvrKc
  • 21:38:40: Such a terrible Poké-Pun! I LOVE IT! http://bit.ly/cFCSQ0
  • 21:42:12: RT @epicwinftw One Punch, AH! AH! AH! - Epic Win FTW http://bit.ly/calrAU
  • 21:52:46: What the... The Deus Ex bundle costs more than seperately? Weird! XD
  • 23:01:21: @Lizzlizz I'm so going to bring a crate full of creme eggs when I'm there in the UK for the Thing! But, where can you buy them? ^_^;
  • 23:02:12: I have a virtual pet on my iPhone.... It's a pet zombie! <3

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