Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-04-2010

  • 00:41:16: Pun Dungeon: Lola's Origin #8 http://bit.ly/9g8QFk
  • 11:32:08: How badly will I get beat up if I use the Robot Unicorn Attack theme song as my ringtone? XP
  • 11:59:10: Alwaaaaays I want to be with you and make believe with you... HARMONY HARMONY OOOOH LOVE! #RobotUnicornAttack
  • 16:44:56: Space Giraffe is painfully monotonous.... 100 levels are 80 levels too many!
  • 22:09:28: Awww.... Baby cuttlefish! <3 http://bit.ly/co5dZA
  • 22:26:16: @thegreenavenger But it's a Cuttlethlu fish! You shouldn't eat it! It might drive you mad! D:
  • 23:01:27: Dang.... I just realized at least ten of the webcomics I follow have broken RSS feeds, I read so many that when one breaks I don't notice!
  • 23:10:10: @indigo__ I feel specially terrible if I really love the comic... :|
  • 23:16:12: @indigo__ My worst case was when I didn't notice Scary-Go-Round had updated in four months... I thought it was on hiatus! T_T
  • 23:28:46: @Southworth I heard you can make the enemies fly that way too in that game? I hope it's true!
  • 23:53:00: To everybody who has a formspring I'd ask the same question: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

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