Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-02-2010

  • 00:40:02: @IdleThumbs The worst part is that we know they'll never make another King's Quest... ):
  • 12:31:04: I just realized that The Great Giana Sisters is about girls who wants sparkly gems... :|
  • 15:07:04: It looks like I beat Arkham Asylum just in time! If I had played it one day later I would have the horrid PS3 bug I keep hearing about! D:
  • 15:27:07: Where would go in London to get candy and chocolate? I want Cabury eggs and licorice! X3
  • 15:28:22: Does anybody want to be OpenFeint buddies with me? My username there is "tanukitsune", obviously! XP
  • 21:07:48: @MykalWane It's likd XBL for the iPhone?
  • 21:30:30: @apelad Congratulations!
  • 23:05:33: Apparently OpenFeint can search for people that use it on Twitter or Facebook, but it only found four people? Doesn't any play iPhone games?
  • 23:17:21: @Tally_LRR What would you call the citizens? Googlies?

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