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Busy day.... BUZZZY as a bumble bee... (My puns stings!)

I spent all the night verfying my game database on IGN and comparing it to the one on my Pocket PC since seemed to be different...

After four hours, they both grew and they IGN one is STILL bigger! ARGH!

I barely had time today to put some stuff on Ebay! The work at my dad's shop was brutal!

Apparently there are a ton of Collector Editions of games I actually want, the problems with C.E.s is that they actually dissapear from the stores pretty fast...

Dang, I'm pretty sure I can't afford all of them, specially since I have to save up for Xmas presents...

But who knows? Maybe I'll making a killing on Ebay? Maybe they'll still be for sale after Xmas?

I got a treat in the mail today the complete Futurama collection on DVD! YAY!!!!

For even more good news...

It's official! Sam & Max is having an sequel! WIIGII!

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