Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 02-27-2010

  • 00:47:06: Pun Dungeon: Lola's Origin #5 http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2714
  • 06:59:04: RT @kawaiinot: Crap. Hot Topic is selling buttons with my art without my permission. http://bit.ly/bQw8Hl http://bit.ly/aHM7PB
  • 07:06:32: This is getting ridiculous, Hot Topic has ripped off almost every indie artist I know of! Are they so rich they don't care if they get sued?
  • 07:12:20: @kawaiinot They look low quality and it says "imported" maybe they were made in China or some other bootleg paradise?
  • 07:13:57: @Saknika Hot Topic only has "stolen art", they never seem to have permission to sell these thing, and yet they are still in business?
  • 07:25:43: @Saknika We don't have one here, but from what I've heard they sell shirts and accessories based on pop culture? http://bit.ly/3pXZgv
  • 07:43:08: @Saknika Maybe they have the rights for mainstream shirts, but if it's not based on pop culture, it's probably stolen from an indie artist.
  • 12:05:16: I think EVERY more or less popular artist should go to the Hot Topic page to see if they've been ripped off! This is getting silly!
  • 13:27:36: @superhappy Are you talking about the Dead Rising game?
  • 13:34:33: @superhappy Wow! Props on getting that achievement! Doesn't it take over ten hours straight to do it? That's insane!
  • 13:40:18: I kinda wish I had more perler bead colors, but since they actually take physical space, at the same time I don't want that many beads...
  • 14:10:09: Awww... Sleep is Death is two players ONLY? Dang! I guess I can't play it then... ):
  • 17:23:20: Game Djinni: Down in the Dumps http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2716
  • 21:34:56: The scary part of Arkham Asylum was cool, I wonder if it will have another? I hope so! :3

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