Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 02-20-2010

  • 11:13:39: I can't remember the last time I actually had coffee, I can't remember if it makes me sick or if it does nothing... Here goes nothing!
  • 11:28:39: @firedaemon I really hate that about the PSP, the battery is always dead when I want to use it... ):
  • 11:35:19: @toblix Not with my stomach condition! XP
  • 11:40:10: I'm going to make another perler present for the UK Thing, but I won't say anything else because I want it to be a surprise! ;)
  • 12:55:05: 70% of my backlog is RPGs.... YIKES! T_T
  • 13:22:10: @MykalWane No, it's because I left the longer games for last!
  • 13:59:28: I went to buy ONE candy bar... they had a 3X1 sale... Wanna guess how many I got? My sweet tooth is happy, but my weak stomach isn't! XP
  • 14:13:38: No wonder they were on sale! They were kinda stale! But still edible...
  • 14:24:37: Aw man, it looks like they'll expire in a month! But candy bars last for ages, right? These must be really old! XP
  • 17:24:48: I tried the Heavy Rain Demo, apparently easy mode makes QTEs shorter and easier, but don't people HATE QTEs? It should be "easy" by default!
  • 17:53:27: I don't get America.... Why is decaption in movies and games O.K., but if the person doing it half naked it's not?
  • 18:10:23: @jlist If you use Hotspot Shield Hulu thinks you're American and lets you watch it's content!
  • 19:41:16: Ha! That site is awesome! <3 RT @johngreenart: I can't stop giggling. http://babieswithlasereyes.com/
  • 19:58:10: Cream Wolf is an awesome game, but.... do people really not know what the game is REALLY about? People are saying not to spoil the surprise!
  • 20:14:23: @gunnerkrigg Do you have Adblock Plus on? It didn't work for me until I turned it off!
  • 20:48:33: Gentlemen Jellyfish: FIRST! http://bit.ly/aRK1MK
  • 21:50:27: @toblix How many games do you have? 2000?

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