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CheeseFAKE ads. What were they thinking? Attracting the wrong kind of croud...


Previous Entry CheeseFAKE ads. What were they thinking? Attracting the wrong kind of croud... Feb. 19th, 2010 @ 06:13 pm Next Entry
I like to click on webcomic ads, but sometimes it's like a game to me. If they ad looks very nice I check out the comic to see if the art is just as good and many times they put more work on the ad then on the comic, which is stupid, because people will be disappointed when they see the comic isn't as nice as the ad...

But there is another kind of ad I noticed lately which I don't understand at all and I kinda hate...

The "CheeseFAKE" ads!

I've talked about cheesecake comics before and I doubt I have to explain them before, I'll just say that they are O.K. unless they get carried away and there is no comic, just cheesecake.

A "CheeseFAKE" ad is an ad that seems "smexy" and they show some skin, the thing is the comic doesn't...

Before anybody says "Why did you click on that ad with the half-naked lady, Tanu?" let me explain the problem with these ads...

Imagine you saw a building with a big sign that reads "HOUSE OF ILL REPUTATION! WE HAVE PURDY LADIES OF NEGOTIABLE AFFECTION!", now imagine you enter the place and see it's just a store owned by a young couple that sells fruits and vegetables... The lady is rather attractive, but she's obviously not what the sign promised, so a few things could happen..

A) You leave the store angry and never return.
B) You stay at the store and stare at the purdy lady, and harbor PSL for her and you hope that eventually something will happen that's will make the trip worthwhile...
C) You realize that the store isn't so bad and buy some veggies.

Notice the problem? The store will always have a few guys in big coats wearing sunglasses... making jokes about melons and cucumbers and having naughty thoughts the whole time... And they might drive away the actual costumers...

Why are these people using ads that will attract perverts? It's illogical! Some of these are rather nice comics, but what are they trying to say with these ads? LUST over my female lead? I'm a perv and you're a perv because you clicked on the link, so read my comic or else I'll tell everybody? I'm desperate?

While not as bad as those Evony ads, they do make me want to read the comic less...

Hmm, I wonder if Evony gave them the idea?
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Date:February 19th, 2010 07:37 pm (UTC)
I'm rather annoyed by those, too. I'm fooled for it all the time.
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Date:February 19th, 2010 08:31 pm (UTC)
I know they are trying to fool me, I just click to make sure I'm right! XD
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