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From Twitter 02-15-2010


Previous Entry From Twitter 02-15-2010 Feb. 16th, 2010 @ 02:01 am Next Entry

  • 00:22:02: Isn't the whole point of Digital Distribution NOT waiting for a game? I guess the process isn't automated, which doesn't make any sense?
  • 07:16:31: Does anybody have recipes or suggestions for what to do with mediocre crackers going a bit stale?
  • 07:40:41: @Saknika It's a generic local brand of salty crackers?
  • 20:20:36: Something went wrong with my Indie Love Bundle transaction and the online store is taking ages to reply.... ):
  • 21:10:15: @Saknika I'm going to try a few sprinked in soup, if that doesn't work, I'll note you, OK? <3
  • 21:27:47: @nickchester Whatever it is, shouldn't it taste better once it's been a few hours in a fridge?
  • 21:32:03: Hmm, the crackers tasted OK in a vegetable soup, but I feel like they would be better with a meat based one? :|
  • 23:10:02: Wow, this guy interviewing Raina isn't very good, he's stumbling and says "OK" way too much... ):
  • 23:12:42: He's also VERY misinformed... D:

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