Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 02-14-2010

  • 11:35:11: @thejuzzard Awww.... that's so awesomely adorable! <3
  • 12:16:57: If I got the Indie Love Bundle, who would be willing to take Machinarium and Osmos? It seems you can gift them? http://bit.ly/aeRxoD
  • 13:56:44: Some Jerry Lewis movies are kinda "cute" in a way, but the rest are just 90 minutes of DERP DERP DE DERP! ¬_¬
  • 14:48:30: If I enjoyed Sherlock Holmes stories will I enjoy Poirot? I'd also like to find something funny like Pratchett or Douglas Adams...
  • 16:36:45: @dcorsetto What!? Is it actually as delicious as it sounds? *drools*
  • 18:06:17: Time Stalkers must be the easiest and shortest RPG I've ever played, I was never close to death, not ever once! And It took about 10 hours?
  • 19:26:26: The internet is making people lazier... Now that my parents have found it they never touch their cookbooks anymore! D:
  • 20:06:16: @mudron Is the sale just today? Maybe everybody just got their indie game fill from the indie love bundle? XP
  • 20:12:39: @mudron Nope, it's independent from Steam! http://theindiebundle.com/ I might get Flower, but I hate buying too many games at the same time!
  • 20:26:26: @mudron I think you can gift the others away? I haven't gotten my email from them yet. Machinarium is from the people who made Samorost! :3
  • 21:36:56: So... If I liked Sherlock will I like Poirot? ^_^;
  • 21:40:59: I bought the Indie Love Bundle 3 hours ago... I still haven't gotten the email that will let me access the bundle yet! DX
  • 21:48:12: @goraina Ha ha, we have those smile fries over here in Spain too! They taste like happiness! It looks like the party was a blast! <3
  • 22:13:48: Argh! I hate the PSN Network! The connection is so unstable It's a miracle if I can download anything in one go!
  • 22:20:43: Kitchen Kaos 154: Jinkies! A clue! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2690
  • 22:36:46: Should I even dare turn on Google Buzz? D:
  • 22:52:06: Oh! I had almost forgotten that I had a game dream last night! I had maids with mallets... strange looking mallets?

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