Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 02-08-2010

  • 00:21:44: Kitchen Kaos 152: Spoonful of Crime http://bit.ly/cdS1du
  • 00:58:58: I finally managed to get Fallout 1 & 2 to work on Vista! Huzzah! <3
  • 01:13:44: @Cyclophile People are tweeting about it? But it doesn't matter, it's way too late over here for me to stay up and watch it! ):
  • 01:26:26: To me the difference between a fan and a fanboy is that the fan is NOT INSANE! XP
  • 07:00:56: @MykalWane Umm, Sega Fanboys DON'T want anything that isn't the original Sonic Trilogy! Almost none of them have played the games they hate!
  • 07:28:27: I don't get Formspring, when I want to ask somebody something I just email of PM them, why do we need this site?
  • 11:48:56: There is only one episode left of Crescent? Dang, it better be good, because I'm still waiting for "sh*t to hit the fan"... :|
  • 11:50:40: Sigh.... It looks everybody already hates Sonic 4.... *shakes head in disbelief* ¬_¬
  • 15:46:05: If I loved The Saboteur will I like Mercenaries 2?
  • 15:56:27: @gwarek I had that game on my Amiga... I wish I still had my Amiga.. T_T
  • 21:13:24: @jim_sterling It wasn't a 12/10? I'm pretty sure that the 12 is the new mediocre, so an 8 is abysmal!
  • 21:28:05: Damn, lately everybody Ustreams when I'm away, I haven't caught one in ages and I awlays miss them by a few minutes! D:
  • 21:36:15: @lastres0rt What is going on in that photo?
  • 21:46:47: It's almost scary how Axecop has almost appeared out of nowhere and it's now the most popular new webcomic EVER!
  • 21:53:09: @samanthakyle Did you know there are plenty of free awesome "podcast novels"
  • 21:55:25: @samanthakyle I'm an audiobook addict, so I usually need more than I can get just with my Audible credits... ^_^;
  • 22:06:06: @TerryMoore I wanted to, but I don't live in America! D:
  • 22:12:36: @choadmalma They're making a Wiiware version of Blaster Master, or maybe it's already out?
  • 23:57:49: Power Pexx Page 15 http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2680

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