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Wicked weekend!


Previous Entry Wicked weekend! Nov. 6th, 2005 @ 10:29 pm Next Entry
I managed to do lots of stuff this weekend, and had a blast!

I played and beat THREE Sega Master System games in this weekend! I beat Asterix, Castle of Illusion and Land of Illusion...

There were very similar one to each other, the levels, gameplay, and such, two of them were from the same series, but Asterix wasn't...

I had a lot of fun playing them, not every day you get to battle a giant killer chocolate bar! :P

I also managed to see all the Firday the 13th movies I bought, and the last ones were the best!

Tomorrow I have to send a ton of packages of what I sold on Ebay, but I don't mind since I'll have to go in front of that store that sells old games that I found! YAY!
Current Mood: bouncy
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