Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-23-2010

  • 00:00:50: He he, Bayonetta has a Space Harrier stage! <3
  • 09:56:34: If we use the term "This game is a "X" clone" too much, then maybe we just call it a new genre?
  • 12:38:27: I'm sorry... the Tex Murphy games seem to have an awesome story, but.... I just stand the controls.... T_T
  • 13:40:49: @kinokofry Where is that avatar from? Knytt?
  • 21:31:34: @Shortpacked What?! When did she become Asian?!
  • 21:33:05: I finally saw Avatar 3D. The plot was predictable, but effective... the visuals rocked!
  • 21:34:33: Why are people stealing 3D glasses at the cinema? It's not like there is anything that needs 3D glasses that doesn't come with them!
  • 23:20:42: @thegreenavenger I think that's something only an American can watch, I don't get this whole "guido" thing and I'm neighbors with Italy!
  • 23:25:19: Is 3D television really that close? Most people haven't even transitioned to HD or digital!

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