Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-17-2010

  • 10:27:13: @dcorsetto Ha! I wonder how many people create webcomic characters in their video games? There might be a Hazel slaying dragons right now!
  • 11:09:20: You know you're a nerd when you hear Saturn and the first thing you think of is the console or the Sailor Scout and NOT the planet! XD
  • 12:17:31: Risen is the "greyest" game I've ever played... No side seems to be really good and everybody is on the street smoking pot and drinking! XD
  • 16:18:47: Hmm, how early do you have to arrive for flight that's departing London? In Spain they suggest we arrive 2 hours early! :\
  • 17:11:17: The Inn I wanted to stay in is booked... But I think I found a decent on in Victoria? :|
  • 17:41:18: There! I just booked the flight and the hotel for the UK Thing! I couldn't get the same hotel as last time, but the one I chose looks nice!
  • 18:06:14: @JonScrivens Likewise! I don't have a table though! ^_^;
  • 22:04:07: Hmm... I hope my ticket for the UK Thing arrives BEFORE the actual event this time! XP
  • 22:16:37: @choadmalma What... was that? Was he practicing for real or practicing to look like a video game character? :|
  • 22:25:23: Kitchen Kaos 150: Heavy Heist http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2634
  • 22:59:46: The more I play Risen the more it's like a medieval GTA... I'm now trying to sell weed to attract the other dealer in the area... XP

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