Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-16-2010

  • 07:50:44: @choadmalma I heard the "Vs" stand for all spikes in the game! XD
  • 09:40:26: AH HA HA HA! "Avatar: Hot Na' Vi Sex" by Harry Patridge (So wrong, yet SOOO right!) http://bit.ly/70vvM7 (Kinda NSFW?)
  • 10:46:49: Today 100% of what you spend on Popcap.com goes to help Haiti! http://www4.popcap.com/promos/haiti/
  • 13:18:45: Wow, the amount of Indy homages in Uncharted 2 is staggering! XD
  • 13:35:12: YAY! My PS3's first crash!
  • 14:31:42: Dang.... Uncharted 2 was pretty amazing! <3
  • 14:33:54: I wish I didn't have a backlog so I could play as Doughnut Drake... T_T
  • 15:52:45: Avatar is almost three hours long?!? Yikes! Is it really that good? For me a three hour movie has to be as epic as a ninja wizard dinosaur!
  • 16:06:04: Sigh.... I can't stop thinking that I should spend that time making a Saturday comic.... |:
  • 17:38:46: I warned everybody that it was likely that Avatar 3D would be sold out.. It was! And it's somehow my fault now.... :|
  • 19:13:28: @BleuhMeuhDesign Wow! Imagine a whole sea of diamond! :3
  • 19:38:45: @pvponline Why not do it? Many of the podcasts I listen to have done movie commentaries, so I assume that would be similar?
  • 22:33:00: Now I remember why I never beat N3.. it has no checkpoints and VERY broken bosses.... This may be the only 360 game I'm going to give up on!

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