Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-12-2010

  • 00:05:47: @starlinex I'm sorry to hear this.... Maybe they just took the number and used it online?
  • 00:25:46: @Saknika Congratulations! <3
  • 00:37:14: Pun Dungeon: Goo-fy goo-ns http://bit.ly/6cOxIn
  • 07:37:00: Happy birthday @rstevens !
  • 12:36:53: @nachimir Hey, I know the guy who did that game! 8D
  • 15:06:09: Risen feels like a medieval GTA... I just sold some "weed" for a LOT of gold and then pickpockted it and resold to the same person! XD
  • 19:33:33: I was at the mall to get a replacemnt for a broken shaver and... the game store was having a January sale....
  • 19:34:20: I got Uncharted 2, Valkyria Chronicles and CB: Mind over Mutant for the price of ONE game...
  • 19:35:30: Oh... And I should be getting Batman: AA, Prototype, inFamous and Bayonetta from online sales this week.... AAAAAH! What do I play first? D:
  • 21:31:44: @Lizzlizz It's panda-nom-ioum!
  • 21:43:45: @Lizzlizz I'd rather have a panda cookie! XD
  • 21:53:23: @Lizzlizz Oh well.... it's not like you could have sent me some anyway, my browser would block your cookies! D:
  • 22:06:05: @Lizzlizz I'm a wacky punster! <3

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