Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-10-2010

  • 10:50:21: @Iron_Spike I think quite a few fans will be happy, Ustream's chat is terrible, and refuses to work for many users... like me!
  • 12:56:33: "La Rosa Negra" is the Spanish Hot Topic... except it's terrible, they promised cool shirts and dragons statues.. there were none!
  • 12:57:39: They did have T-shirts, but they SUCKED, they were all for potheads!
  • 12:58:33: I did see my first mall cop in a segway though.... XP
  • 13:11:13: My brand new electric shaver broke after only THREE uses! WHAAAAT!?
  • 13:19:24: Damn... it gave a thin but long scar... it looks like a cat scratched me! D:
  • 13:59:22: Damn... my face looks like I was attacked by a wild cat... :|
  • 14:52:16: Dean Shek Tien played all my favorite goofy villains in ye olde Kung Fu movies! http://bit.ly/79kf3U
  • 19:34:59: RT @gwarek - Fact: a female douchebag is a douchebaguette.
  • 21:19:26: @thegreenavenger Dang... two Ustream bans in one day? D:
  • 23:07:32: Risen is kinda hardcore in the harshness of the world... Is it even possible to beat the game without pickpocketing or lock picking? :|

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