Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-09-2010

  • 00:07:30: Since I have a comic called "Kitchen Kaos" I attract a lot of cooking related spam.... XP
  • 00:12:14: Pun Dungeon: Street Fighter http://bit.ly/4tTIaB
  • 00:13:11: @ChunLievable Thank you for the follow Friday! <3<3<3
  • 00:57:01: I can't believe Tecmo is making a new Dead Or Alive bikini game... this time they didn't even bother to pretend it's a volleyball game!
  • 01:02:03: And the special edition comes with this! http://bit.ly/5yNz8S ...Tecmo is slowly becoming an eroge developer... XP
  • 09:42:58: Am I the only one who watched the Pole Position cartoon BEFORE playing the game and wondered why my car didn't talk and all that rot?
  • 09:45:00: @hpkomic FLIGHT! It's an anthology series, but still... SO GOOD! <3
  • 16:08:36: @thezombiecow Isn't he the voice of most main characters in games now anyway? XP
  • 19:14:09: @n0wak I don't know what game that's from, but that's not a Space Invader?
  • 20:05:42: I DESPISE that bloody Chevy ads that is embedded in most videos I watch lately... ):<
  • 21:06:35: It's stragne that I'm so picky with RPGs, yet I can enjoy "bad" games from other genres...
  • 22:35:33: @psionronin When it comes to older ones, they have to be "Square / Diablo" good, if not I find them tedious pretty quick...
  • 22:37:14: @radiomaru That's like asking me which is my favortite ingredient of a cupcake, but.... I guess the relationships are the icing to me! XD
  • 22:39:06: I have no idea what is going on in Nikopol, there are egyptian Gods, space jellyfish.... The confusions is pushing me to continue...
  • 23:32:18: What the Hell was with that emo poetry at the end of Nikopol? You shouldn't speak like that unless you're 14 and wearing black makeup...:|

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