Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-07-2010

  • 00:37:31: The new Matt Hazard game has ever more parodies and puns than the first one! <3
  • 00:38:45: The weirdest thing is that I knew one of the levels was a Team Fortress 2 parody right from the first screen and I've never played the game!
  • 00:39:10: The "Sniper's Lemonade Stand" near the end did confirm though! XD
  • 07:03:12: January Sales start today in Spain... It's like Black Friday, except nobody has died yet? But people do fight over things though... :|
  • 07:50:12: I wonder if we should pick so much on Twilight fans, they are bascially nerds like us, nerds shouldn't pick on nerds, that makes us.. jocks?
  • 13:12:24: I wonder if I should make a podcast about battling the backlog, it would only be a few short clips with tips that people find useful?
  • 13:38:52: @toblix I only eat cold pizza once in a blue moon! XP
  • 13:39:47: Hmm, the next levels of Matt Hazard has references to Portal and.... Dark Void?
  • 14:00:00: And they just forced me to play Lunar Lander.... It felt like they were saying "HA! HA! Don't old games suck?" with this level...
  • 16:11:07: The Dark Void demo was O.K... I'm not a big fan of flying games.... :|
  • 16:55:36: @Lizzlizz All I see is a forest at that site?
  • 20:01:56: @granulac Do they follow you in hopes of getting followed back or what? :|
  • 22:15:40: Batman: Arkham Asylum is on sale for 360 and PS3.... which version do I get? D:

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