Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Obligatory Resolution-End of Year-Decade Thing?

So... Yeah.... It's a bit late for the New Year Thing and all that rot..... but... Dragon Age is like a good book and I couldn't put it down.... And I beat it just in time for my birthday...  ^_^;

So.... Wow....it's a new decade?! Crazy! It's strange to think about the whole decade... So many things happened this decade.....This is the decade where podcasting was born, when most of my favorite webcomics where born, the decade I stopped being so whiny, at least I stopped being whiny!

It's the decade when Sega when Sega stopped making consoles, the "death of cheats" and the birth of achievements, the decade we finally got a Monkey Island sequel, the decade of digital distribution...

How about some reasonable New Year resolutions?

Hmm.... I know it's extremely unlikely I'll get rid of my backlog, but I think I can get down to half?

I can trying to make more random Saturday comic and start doing some fanart? I know there are artists I practically owe them some fanart... ^_^;

And I can try to do some more perler art?

I can't think of anything else that seems something that depends mostly on me....

Oh! I can try to be more active in forums and similar communities? :|

PS; It's still Xmas season in Spain until Epiphany!

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