Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-30-2009

  • 13:42:53: Dragon Age is kinda evil.... Just when a character has got me pumped up to do a quest for him.... I find out it's DLC! How sneaky! XD
  • 15:26:27: Ha ha, I got another late Xmas card! I know who it's from just by looking at the stamp! <3
  • 18:32:49: @Lea_Ada_Franco Can you blame them for trying to make a "perfect" game? Most geeks today are so spoiled they can only play "perfect" games.
  • 19:34:29: @Lea_Ada_Franco Yeah, I guess you're right, but you only notice the vocal ones unfortunately... :|
  • 21:34:14: @thegreenavenger How about ALF? :B
  • 21:44:14: @thegreenavenger And how about ALL-A? XP
  • 21:54:57: @thegreenavenger Ooooh! Marry somebody with the last name "Church" <3

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