Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-28-2009

  • 06:41:49: @lastres0rt Why are they saying this? That terrorist did have any electronics on him! D:<
  • 07:08:07: I sent two packages to the US with treats.... the tracking # says they left Spain, but USPS tracking doesn't even accept the number!
  • 15:28:15: Today is "Prank Day" in Spain... did I mention I LOATHE pranks? How is calling someone and telling them their family is dead funny? :|
  • 15:41:12: @indigo__ You guys have it worse, since it's also "Prank Day" in almost every other country in the world so anybody could prank you... :|
  • 15:42:38: I got a late, but super awesome, Xmas card from TV's Kyle and Lindsay Smith! And some Twizzlers too! http://bit.ly/6BuMZa #SQUEE!
  • 15:44:52: I also got.. Batman Airheads? I've never heard of this candy before?
  • 15:52:14: @indigo__ YES! I love taffy! <3
  • 16:08:42: @starlinex I love how you now have your wallpapers i-Phone sized! <3 <3
  • 16:11:51: I also got Dragon Age and Risen the same day.... If I asked which to play first would anybody not choose Dragon Age? :B
  • 16:20:18: Batman is grape flavored! XD
  • 16:26:08: Why is Aquaman Tangerine? Shouldn't he be Tuna? Or at least something blue? :|
  • 16:34:58: @n0wak Are you OK? D:
  • 16:40:28: @n0wak Phew! I'm sorry for the loss, but I'm glad it wasn't something serious! D:
  • 16:43:20: @starlinex But of course! Now I can carry Candi's cuteness in my pocket! <3
  • 18:52:58: @Argleblather GASP! You're alive! :D
  • 18:54:56: If you wait 20 minutes on a call, and that horrid waiting music is still playing but nobody picks up, should you hang up and call again?
  • 19:04:06: @Southworth Isn't it called T-Bot?
  • 19:06:05: After 20 minutes I hung up... I could swear I heard someone pick up as I hit the hang up button... :|
  • 20:01:30: @Cyclophile Ha, I wouldn't be surprised if they did! XP
  • 20:05:46: @Ratsofatsorat Happy B-day! May your birthday quest bring you epic loot!
  • 20:08:28: @Ratsofatsorat And if you get underwear may it at least be the orange ultra rare kind with mad stats! XP
  • 20:16:10: RPGs is the genre where I'm the most strict, because if the game is too long it has to be well above average for me to tolerate it! :|
  • 21:37:13: @sepunka Peppermint Oreos? How many flavors do you have over there? D:
  • 21:38:49: @caseymckinnon No rest for the wicked-ly awesome? :|
  • 22:34:09: @JessFink Rosangela Blackwell of the Blackwell Legacy is a good female character and she isn't in love with no one!
  • 22:46:05: @sepunka Icing and Triscuit are another two things we don't have in Spain... :|
  • 22:56:22: @sepunka I actually tried something like that, while it didn't taste bad, it didn't taste like American frosting... :(
  • 22:57:06: @CTZ Where is that from? XD
  • 23:09:27: @CTZ Oops, I misread that tweet, I thought you said it reminded you of a comic you made, not that you remembered that comic! ^_^;
  • 23:23:02: There has to be a better for "making pixel art"... pixelling? Pixelificating? Digital dotting? :|

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