Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-23-2009

  • 00:24:27: The only way I'm ever going to beat Ikaruga is by unlocking Free Play... The boss of stage three is ludicrous! T_T
  • 06:56:22: You know you have a backlog problem when the super Steam sale makes you feel utter horror instead of glee... T_T
  • 10:36:09: Wow! Can people actually believe this is real? http://bit.ly/7ccJYj XD
  • 15:11:15: My parent's store got screwed over by a telemarketer and they sat it's MY fault? You never even talked to me about it until it was too late!
  • 15:14:03: They switched us over TODAY and nothing is working right.... Who does this kind of thing so close to XMas? D:
  • 15:30:17: @indigo__ Come to think of it, they did it say it was my fault when grandmother got scammed.... |:
  • 18:41:42: @MykalWane They claim to have an 360 emulator on the iPhone! XD
  • 20:33:59: Please tell the dungeon mazes in Phantasy Star III are not as confusing as in PS II... I had a map and I still got lost! D:
  • 21:38:50: @johngreenart Congrats! :3
  • 22:51:10: HEART PUPPY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68Jbh2-Yvfs <3<3<3

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