Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-17-2009

  • 01:12:51: Pun Dungeon: Note-worthy http://bit.ly/6uIcWj
  • 01:13:31: Awww.... All game should have a hug button like in "A Boy and His Blob"! <3
  • 07:37:55: Dammit! I think my OWN FATHER thought I was a woman on the phone.... T_T
  • 07:39:23: Hmm... My B-day is about two weeks away and I have NO IDEA of what I want... except a cake with frosting, which I can't get... :|
  • 11:45:00: You're probably a real adult when you think: "Hey, I think I actually DO need sock and underwear for Xmas!" XP
  • 11:46:31: @Yamino I "lava" her her look! <3
  • 18:45:01: @Zackules You can only see the silhouettes in the trailer, but I'm sure one of them is going to be called Knife Man! XP
  • 23:49:44: How could have I forgotten Slay Radio! http://www.slayradio.org/home.php <3

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