Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-14-2009

  • 00:20:29: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks beaten! It's has way too many annoying parts.... But it was OK..ish in the end... :|
  • 07:06:03: Wow! Someone smacked the prime minister of Italy with a metal object!? Either he needs better bodyguards, or more of them! D:
  • 12:30:49: @poisonrational did a guest strip for @pablowapsi ! http://bit.ly/5Cqdw6 Huzzah! <3
  • 17:10:47: So.... today Play has Risen and Dragon Age: Origins are ridiculous low priced, but.... they are RPGs... I have 40+ to beat... Should I..? D:
  • 22:16:56: @MykalWane Pfft! I have Borderlands still unplayed in it's case, I think I can handle the temptation of Dragon Age! XD
  • 22:17:22: @poisonrational You're more than welcome! <3
  • 22:23:47: @dcorsetto He he, I had a thought of the plane "going down" in a different way! Why not?! You're already "riding" it! XD #winkwinknudgenudge
  • 22:46:34: Crazy Christmas song of the day: Mrs. Claus (Stacey's Mom parody) by Bob Ricci! http://www.bobricci.com/flash/claus.htm
  • 22:57:49: I just found out that my workload for this week will be... lethal... I'm going to need a new audiobook or a new podcast... D:
  • 23:40:30: Wait... I can watch Coraline in 3D on Blu-Ray? Do you just need the 3D glasses or what? D:
  • 23:43:29: @Lizzlizz The Prime Minister of Italy got hit in the face? Also, Mothra mauled Mali! XP
  • 23:49:51: Oh wait, I heard you use those red/green glasses to watch them... forget what I said then! XP
  • 23:50:34: @Southworth It's not half as good as the first game, at least "scary-wise"... :|

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