Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-13-2009

  • 01:45:40: @Paradisacorbasi You can get a week worth of meals with $5 in the U.S.? Even I ate only bread and water I'm spend more! 8O
  • 10:50:42: I have no idea if I get a Christmas bonus.... And people say I only remember important things... XP
  • 12:08:11: To me most things from the 80's are either terribly awesome or so terrible they ARE awesome! XP
  • 18:08:18: Zelda's path finding AI is terrible in TLOZ:ST.... ):
  • 19:27:37: Did I just 30 minutes struggling with a song in Spirit Tracks? I think I hate this game.... D:<
  • 21:56:05: @thegreenavenger Sure, why not? :3
  • 22:04:17: @thegreenavenger Aw, man! I just remembered my ustream chat won't work! T_T
  • 23:08:41: Kitchen Kaos 145: Hi! Splat! http://bit.ly/696q2J

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