Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-07-2009

  • 00:09:31: @dcorsetto As gingerbread men (and women)?
  • 07:04:17: Oh GOD! This Roscon is just dreadful! XP
  • 12:41:00: @jessiawesome Hmm, I do believe it might be fake? It sounds more like a human doing cats noises than a cat?
  • 12:47:03: RT @choadmalma: THE TV SHOW http://bit.ly/8Psgsk
  • 12:55:41: There are only two game series which I can't help to buy the day they come out , Castlevania and Zelda, guess which comes out this week?
  • 21:52:59: @thegreenavenger I think they admitted in an interview that they have "a bit of a breast fetish"?
  • 22:03:39: @thegreenavenger You don't even want to know about their volleyball games... or Rumble Roses.... XP
  • 22:13:03: @jessiawesome YOUTUBE IT! <3
  • 22:16:18: Tats are short for tattoos, but... I don't think it would be a good idea to use that term to compliment them on a girl...*blush* >///_ ///<
  • 22:25:33: @Cyclophile Either way it would still sounds like a slang word for it... XP
  • 22:29:06: Today was rather brutal, I had a few ideas that will be lost forever because I had no time to stop and write them down! D:
  • 22:55:06: @Paradisacorbasi Inks? That sounds nice! Thanks! :3
  • 23:00:34: @jochan1977 As a pun fan, I ALWAYS think of funny mispronunciations of words! XD
  • 23:10:16: @nek0 Yes... Well, Kanye West sounds like a country singer! XD
  • 23:13:02: I got the SID Tune player for the i-Phone player! YAY! You have to download the songs manually!? (There are 33,000!) WHAT THE?
  • 23:20:01: @Cyclophile SID is the C64 music chip, this is just a program that emulates it, the files are a few KB and free, but YOU download them! XP
  • 23:23:42: I miss Amiga "cracktros".... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV-pu1tpsLQ
  • 23:43:19: @Southworth In comics? Yes!
  • 23:51:20: @Iron_Spike Oooh! Thanks! I think Coonskin is the only movie of his I haven't seen yet! :3

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