Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-06-2009

  • 12:46:33: @caseymckinnon He he, it's adorable even when humans do it! Not to mention hilarious too! XD
  • 13:08:40: @caseymckinnon Simply gorgeous! Your eyes look amazing! <3 Also tired.. are you getting enough sleep? D:
  • 15:17:55: @caseymckinnon Aw... I'm sorry to hear this... :(
  • 16:30:06: Wait, wait... Isn't Luke supposed to be the last Jedi? How can there be Jedi's after the official saga? :|
  • 16:45:27: @ceallaighdawn Oh! That makes sense! Thanks! <3
  • 19:18:05: Oooh! Audible members get a Christmas Carol read by Tim Curry for free! <3
  • 19:27:09: @poisonrational Thanks for telling me! <3
  • 20:42:08: Kitchen Kaos 145: Truce? http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2555
  • 21:28:14: I wish food packages would tell the truth about their weight, because of this I'm going to have to pay 100€ in shipping instead of 50€! T_T
  • 21:53:56: Sigh... I'm going to be SOOO broke by the end of this month... T_T
  • 22:26:45: @StAngFdz Having a Christmas Spirit is expensive!
  • 22:35:33: Taylor Swift sounds like the name of a dashing Victorian rogue... I know if I google who he really is I'll be dissapointed... XP
  • 22:45:10: @pablowapsi It keeps sending me to my facebook homepage... :|
  • 22:57:03: @pablowapsi Facebook is acting weird.., Nothing seems to be taking to the right place?
  • 23:05:14: @Cyclophile Oddly enough... Kayne West sounds like a country musician name to me! And... You had to tell me, didn't you? T_T
  • 23:39:34: I'm thinking of doing more fanart this size, because it's the perfect size to made into perler art if they like it! http://bit.ly/6o8W4L

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