Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-05-2009

  • 07:46:03: @Shortpacked It couldn't guess any webcomic character I thought of... XP
  • 10:33:09: It's hard to send surprise Xmas card to people when 80% of them have moved and you have to ask them for their new address... XP
  • 11:55:16: @jessiawesome It's the three moon wolf of dresses! XD
  • 16:01:04: My backlog is 80+ games and 40+ of them are RPGs.... ARGH?!?8{
  • 17:05:50: @ceallaighdawn @starlinex Have fun! <3
  • 17:10:33: I feel too tired to do the random Saturday comic.. Oh well, I've said before that Saturdays are random, and that you MAY get a comic....
  • 17:36:25: Downfall FORCES you to kill a cat to continue... and now a have to kill a little girl? She says she's just a memory, but still... ):
  • 18:19:38: WHAT THE!? Who makes an adventure game where you have CONTINUES!?! D:
  • 18:30:58: Good Lord! Downfall is so messed up! It's making me do thing more gorey than all the Postal games combined! D:
  • 18:35:37: Downfall so far: You have to... gut a cat, kill a girl (not a real girl, but still...) And blend a human head...
  • 18:35:56: I'm so going to need to play a cheerful happy game when this is over! T_T
  • 19:42:18: Downfall tries to hard to be the Silent Hill of indie adventure games... I need a happy game now.... That game went too far! T_T
  • 21:42:44: Dang... It looks like every single Xmas treat we have in Spain has almonds! :|
  • 22:18:57: RT @yaytime: Nick Mag is doing one last donation blow out. Email me with addresses of places that will like free magazines! Also a few b ...

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