Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-04-2009

  • 00:03:46: Pun Dungeon: Bandaid-os http://bit.ly/4Np1IG
  • 10:38:07: Am I right to thinking boiled cabbage and bacon is a culinary crime of the worst kind?
  • 15:09:39: I only have one sidequest left in Final Fantasy VI! I think I might actually beat it this time! 8D
  • 15:27:32: I'm watching Lucky Star while I blind grind in FF6. What I thought "moe" and "Tsundere" meant was wrong, but they don't tell what they mean!
  • 15:49:46: @Paradisacorbasi Hmm... that's more or less what I though they meant.... Thanks! :3
  • 17:25:25: I've... I've beaten Final Fantasy VI! T_T <3 <3
  • 18:21:53: @jim_sterling I thought Shadow was the Perfect Lifeform? Wait a minute! I guess now I understand your love-hate relation with Sonic!
  • 18:25:38: @n0wak I had all of them unlocked, even Gogo! What level where you to defeat him so quickly?
  • 18:26:58: @n0wak I had two of them cast Ultima one with the X-Fight thing and one healing and it still took me... about 10 turns?
  • 18:38:30: @n0wak Ha! My Celes had the X-fight too! I should have combined it with the Genji Glove, I had everybody with the haste relic instead! XD
  • 18:40:08: @n0wak If you're level 99 I guess the ultimate weapon was Atma? I only used a guide for the sidequests, so I'm not sure...
  • 21:34:51: I don't know what's more surprising, that I finally beat Final Fantasy VI, that I watched anime, or that it had normal sized breasts.
  • 21:35:19: By the way, I could swear one of them sounded like Butters! XP
  • 23:34:34: Pun Dungeon: Injun Trouble http://bit.ly/8S3E69
  • 23:38:30: Why is all of the spam I get at my site Russian? :|

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