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From Twitter 12-01-2009

  • 00:03:58: Jeans are expensive unless you live in the U.S.... I was thinking of getting them from one of those places that has them defective but cheap
  • 00:05:34: But the only place that sells them is WAY too far to be worth... I'm sorry, I don't need cheap jeans THAT bad! A four hour trip is too much!
  • 00:53:22: @Paradisacorbasi What's that? Hair Spray?
  • 01:01:08: @thegreenavenger I love how he's an "athiest shamanist" and says it's not a contradiction! I don't believe in anything! .... except Wicca!XD
  • 01:13:53: Pun Dungeon: Posh Posse http://bit.ly/6khqXe
  • 01:19:21: @pvponline What's wrong with the term "video games"? What are we supposed to call it? "Interactive Entertainment"? "Shiny Things"?
  • 15:07:06: My workload this week is ridiculous! I've gone through TWO audiobooks and it's only Tuesday! And... I'll need another for this afternoon! D:
  • 15:31:00: Moonpod's new game is basically Bookworm Adventures with pirates? I am disappoint! D:
  • 15:31:39: Evony the TV Ad? (From Destructoid) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNzaTePcs64
  • 19:10:14: @WadjetEyeGames I'm curious on knowing which games they are... ^^;
  • 19:30:45: Apparently the butcher's in the other end of the end of the mall made a nude calender for lulz (NOT charity).... What's the point then?
  • 19:31:53: Also, the news came to film them the today, I was passing by while they were doing it, fortunately I didn't walk in front of the camera...
  • 19:32:41: [Insert generic joke about butchers "handling their meat" here]
  • 19:32:53: @Lea_Ada_Franco Burger the Angry Cat?
  • 19:50:10: @Lea_Ada_Franco It's not? Can I have a link then? ^_^;
  • 19:54:16: Ooooh! I have 8 Google Wave invites.... DM me if you want one? :3
  • 20:10:33: @Emilleigh Ha ha, it looks like everybody who wanted one has one by now! XD
  • 20:21:10: Un-bear-ably cute! http://dailysquee.com/2009/12/01/bff/
  • 20:24:17: Oh! By the way, I'm going to do a Xmas card swap this year too! http://tanukitsune.livejournal.com/613251.htm
  • 21:25:01: Copy a video game once and it's a rip-off, copy it many times and it become a genre.
  • 21:53:12: @starlinex Aww.... Virtual hugs are not as good but.... *HUGS* <3
  • 22:18:28: @gwarek Hybrid Eternal Whisper, Zenonia, Treasure Grab, Hook Champ, Archibald's Adventures, Spider, Mystery Mania and The Quest
  • 23:02:59: @boxbrown Wait, what?! Already? Daaaang....
  • 23:03:50: @gwarek Three of them are RPGs, they alone should last you the whole trip!
  • 23:05:55: I just realized I can name more "Internet celebrity cats" than Beatles.... And people don't believe me when I say I'm a musical ignoramus...
  • 23:16:30: Hmm... Should I get the Cthulhu Christmas Carol CDs?
  • 23:34:36: I'm surprised no gamers will admit how adorable most old school games are... Even the monsters reeked of cuten back then and some still do!

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