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Who wants Christmas cards? <3


Previous Entry Who wants Christmas cards? <3 Dec. 1st, 2009 @ 06:46 pm Next Entry
So... I made some images to use as Xmas card, but I'm not sure which to use...

Does it look old timey enough? Does it look good?

This is the original, it might be the only one where you can tell they are making snow food?

I kinda like this filter... probably because since I have a primitive program I had to do a ton of steps to get this....

Which should I use? I do think I'll change the title... "Holidays are sweet!", "Don't forget to treat yourself during the holidays!"? I'm not sure....

Anyway, you know the drill.... Send me your address and I'll send your and we'll swap Xmas cards! <3

I'm screening comments so your info should remain private.... right? I rarely screen comments, so I'm not sure.... ^_^;
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