Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-27-2009

  • 07:25:25: I forgot Americans celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday... No wonder I have new podcasts today! But I need at least 3 hours! Any suggestions?
  • 07:34:28: @lastres0rt I think it's a rather awesome mental image, then again, my comic is about talking food! XP
  • 17:50:40: We have a bag of marshmallows, but the local store doesn't have rice krispies... Does anybody have any suggestions?
  • 18:04:55: @passive_mission .... We don't have any of those brands here, but I get the idea! Thanks! <3
  • 21:19:05: Simon's Cat now has an i-Phone game? 8O
  • 23:26:05: I'm fed up of Ustream's chat not working for me... and tech support has no idea why... :(

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