Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-24-2009

  • 07:08:30: Do people really think that if China becomes the economic leader of the world we'll be forced to be "Chinafied"?
  • 11:26:14: @MykalWane They'd be less Western style games, that's for sure!
  • 11:29:15: Isn't Serious Sam HD out yet? D:
  • 11:40:30: @eruditebaboon You know, I think I've only heard parodies of the song, but never the original... I guess that's a good thing?
  • 15:05:58: Rayman 3 isn't satiating my crave for a classic platformer... too many bullets and strafling.. If I wanted that I'd play Ratchet & Clank! ):
  • 18:33:25: @thegreenavenger New Moon is practically a Guinness World Record in movie sales and this surprises you? I wonder if it's the same people?
  • 18:46:13: @thegreenavenger That's why we don't have any vampires in Spain! ;)
  • 18:56:40: @thegreenavenger The only thing Socialism doesn't keep away is RE4 "Las Plagas" zombies with horrible Spanish accents! And Summer songs...
  • 19:24:13: @thegreenavenger Aren't these the videos that were on separate channels before?
  • 21:19:55: When you listen to a retro game soundtrack, you can probably tell if it's a jungle level or water level by just listening, but now...
  • 21:23:06: Now you couldn't even tell if the game you played 5 minutes ago had any music at all... they are so forgettable... ):
  • 21:30:46: @HenMan113 I don't remember Prime, but the new Mario games still sound like classic games, if you know what I mean?
  • 22:44:15: Serious Sam HD is ready to download at Steam! 8D
  • 23:43:20: Pun Dungeon: Gun Away? http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2526

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