Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-21-2009

  • 00:08:22: @reneengstrom As long as we don't go boom with it... I don't mind? D:
  • 00:13:36: @nek0 I thought Mom already did bring them to you? I saw her leaving with with the last time she left to your house?
  • 00:16:39: It sucks that it's nearly midnight over here... I don't know if I'll be able to sleep with all the people joking about CERN....
  • 00:19:39: Why am I nervous? The tiny black hole the experiment might create should evaporate almost instantly, right? :|
  • 00:35:19: And.... all of the sudden I seem to over worrying about CERN....
  • 00:39:21: PeopleBrowser would be perfect if it didn't make you see the "@" of people you follow to people you don't... I feel like I'm spying.... ):
  • 00:50:56: Pun Dungeon: Billy The Kid http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2516
  • 00:57:50: @krisstraub PeopleBrowsr is a web client, it has ton of cool features or others you'll never need?
  • 06:43:57: @Cyclophile Nope, everything is...... *gets sucked up by black hole* XP
  • 10:58:42: Wait.... "Doc Brown" played a Klingon?! 8O
  • 11:55:36: Dammit! I'm doing everything Ustream is telling me to and I STILL can't get the chat to work!
  • 13:31:19: The Ustream chat never connects... I tried accessing it through IRC.... and it keeps disconcerting seconds after I connect! ARGH!
  • 13:40:06: Maybe the IRC part is my fault? It has been a while since I've used it and maybe I forgot some important setting? :|
  • 15:56:08: @Iron_Spike It still amazes me that America has a day where sales are so crazy you might die... |:
  • 17:04:09: Gentlemen Jellyfish: Symbolism? http://bit.ly/4DuhpO
  • 17:35:34: I'm leaving for my nephew's baptism is a few minutes, apparently I won't be back until it's VERY VERY VERY late... :(
  • 20:24:06: At a bar eating tapas, they,re free in Spain! ;)
  • 21:50:09: This restaurant is so classy I feel like I should be wearing a monocle!
  • 22:03:12: Why won't they stop serving appetizers? Are they trying to stuff us before the meal even starts?
  • 22:23:01: Damn..... I'm the only single person here.... Bummer, dude!
  • 22:43:08: It's strange how nobody minds my Twittering... I'm tempted to go the next step and play a game! XP

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