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Candy overload! POING!

-I just noticed something, I have way too much candy for one person!

I have a bag of crisps that I bought nearly a month ago, a giant bag of assorted candies my sister brought me, not to mention she's bringing me candy bars as well! And now my mom is making crispies cake...

Even if I eat till I get sick the candy will last weeks!

Too bad kids don't trick or treat here, then again, this candy was a bit pricey to just give away....

Because of this, I'm eating lots of candy lately, and I can notice the effect of the extra sugar inside me, when it wears off, I get VERY tired... :P

-I got a survey call today, the caller was CONVINCED I was a woman! I really hate it when that happens, good thing I wasn't the kind of person they were looking to survey, becuase he was actually starting to tick me off!

-I went to the mall to get the "new" Godzilla movies and endend up running some errand for my parents, at the mall, of course...

Just in time for Halloween, I found that they had some Halloween movies, the Mike Meyers ones, which was pretty cool..

I somehow ended with Pokémon Emerald, I guess that I am a Nintendo fanboy after all...

Speaking of Nintendo, can you believe that soem Nintendo DS or GBA games STILL use passwords? That's insane! We are in the year 2005 dammit! Just put in a lithium battery and a save system for crying out loud!

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