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Seriously... AWESOME! And other stuff...

I finally beat Serious Sam II, and I haven't had some much fun in ages!

The thrills never stops! When I get swarmed by enemies, I keep thinking:

"OH DEAR GOD! A legion of orc rugby player are going to flatten me!"
"Whew! HOLY ****! Now there's several mechanical T-Rexes shooting me with missiles! I'm screwed!"
"How on Earth did I survive THAT? Oh well, at least... ****! Look at the size of that mecha-spider! THREE OF THEM!?! I want my mommy!"

I had the time of my life! The humuor is great as well, but the funniest parts are the secrets scattered around the level!

"Secret Ninja Chicken FOUND!" XD

For once I dared turn up the difficulty up a notch and made it to the final boss...

The biggest boss I've EVER seen! But he creamed me! I'd hate to say it, but in the end I had to cheat to beat him...

If I had played at the difficulty level I'm used to, this wouldn't have happened...

Still I enjoyed the game inmensely!

Just as I finished the game, the mailwoman brought me ANOTHER GAME! Taito Legends! YES!

The New Zealand Story, Bubble Bobble, Elevetor Action, and many other game are in my grasp!

I only played it for a few "seconds", and I already beat a couple of arcade games! That what I love about arcade games, they end quickly but fill your gaming needs...

In other news, the strike is over, we barely noticed it in our store, we only got people who bought a lot of meat thinking there wouldn't be any tomorrow...

I finally left the pendant design at the jewelry store, I should have my pendant soon!
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