Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-06-2009

  • 01:21:41: Pun Dungeon: Wheee! Gee? http://bit.ly/1DYXcS (Woohoo! My 100th Pun Dungeon!)
  • 06:53:10: @Topherocious So this law will basically close 99% of the Internet down? There is no way they let it happen!
  • 06:59:09: There is no way this copyright law will pass, it would basically make 99% of the Internet illegal! http://bit.ly/1SuXrF
  • 07:27:41: I just remembered I was asked to contribute to their "fanzine" with a comic, I did so, it's been ages and I've yet to hear a word from them.
  • 08:06:53: @Topherocious But something this ugly? Almost anybody who made an honest living on the Internet would lose their job if this passed!
  • 11:03:34: Why am I getting the L4D2 demo? I didn't buy the game or download it!
  • 11:09:04: @DarthRong But I thought it was only for people who bought the game? At least least for a while, that is...
  • 15:52:42: I don't know if the Dexter show is any good, but the game is rather annoying it's just stealth and mini games... :|
  • 16:18:16: I love how b-ots retweet what you say about them without bothering to look up if what you are saying about them is nice or not... ¬_¬
  • 16:20:57: I always wondered how far people will go for "lulz", apparently people have already done inhumanely monstrous things for "lulz"... D:
  • 16:28:23: @thegreenavenger Is that the one where they say all sites with "user created content" are doomed?
  • 18:42:57: @thegreenavenger Wouldn't it also mean that 99% of the sites and people who work on the Internet would lose their job?
  • 19:03:52: Ha ha! This is exactly the first thing I thought when I heard about pets selling your loot in Torchlight! XD http://bit.ly/1LkKBx
  • 19:46:21: I really hate when a female artist, comedian or reporter posts a video online and all the men can say is how hot they are... ¬_¬
  • 23:52:29: Pun Dungeon: Sand-Witch http://bit.ly/1JopQQ

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